About us...

Welcome to WB-UK Women's Baseball UK!

Our aim is to promote more women in to the sport as well as encouraging those who are already playing baseball, whether they are in an all female team or a mixed team across the United Kingdom.

We are working hard to provide opportunities for women players to be able to achieve their maximum potential in baseball.

Since 2018, we created the WB-UK Women's Baseball UK Seal of Approval which helps raise awareness for teams across the UK to accomadate all female players. Team's who qualify for the Seal of Approval will recieve recognition from WB-UK Women's Baseball UK as being a Club which has an exceptional interest and attitude towards intergrating female players.

Feel free to let us know your team's training dates, games and progress so we can help promote more players to help support your team to the best of our ability. For information on recruiting more female players, please check out our Recruiting Female Players page for advice on attracting more female players to your team.

All the best!

Amanda 'Doris' Hocking

Founder of WB-UK Women's Baseball UK