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Today marks the 4th annual Women in Baseball Week! An event created by the International Women's Baseball Center supports women in baseball in every capacity. The worldwide event recognises the value, diversity, and cultural significance of women in baseball. Women play a vital role in all aspects of the sport north across the globe. Team Work, the Women in Baseball Week theme for 2020, celebrates the power in relying on one another to effect positive change, whether on the field or when faced with unprecedented global challenges.

Amanda Hocking e-mail: [email protected], the British Baseball Federation Women's Baseball League representative said:

"I am delighted to announce that the British Baseball Federation has secured through a private donation:

1. Baseball equipment, for the setup and preparation for women's baseball in the UK. This great investment includes catcher's gear, helmets, baseball bats, and elbow guards. The mentioned will help tremendously in the development of the players and the sport across the UK."

2. I am also proud to announce that the BBF will also provide one licence to Elite Baseball Training, for each women team registered with Women's Baseball League. This is a fantastic opportunity that will help fast track player development for the upcoming league by providing professional training at the highest standards. Elite Baseball Training offers hundreds of instructional videos from hitting, pitching, and fielding. I am confident that this will benefit the players greatly and lead us in a stronger direction. 

To help celebrate Women in Baseball Week further, we are celebrating alongside Women's Baseball UK, who will be releasing their third annual series of virtual baseball cards as well as highlighting the history of UK women's baseball dating back from 1900."


The Sheffield Bruins and Bristol Baseball Club register for Women's Baseball

Thursday, 4 June 2020


The BBF is proud to announce the Sheffield Bruins Baseball Club, and Bristol Baseball Club register to be a part of the BBF Women's Baseball League Roadmap. The BBF Women's Baseball roadmap is in association with WB-UK Women's Baseball UK. WB-UK Women's Baseball UK is the official representative of the BBF for Women's Baseball. 

WB-UK Women's Baseball UK has been instrumental in engaging the women's community to get involved in playing baseball. We aim to expand on WB-UK Women's Baseball UK initiatives. 

A spokesperson for the BBF said, "The newly formed BBF Women's Baseball League should be viewed as an integral part of the Federation to promote and play a role in the sustainability of our sport. Our Women's Baseball Roadmap goals will be realistic, clearly defined and serve the women's baseball community. 

What to expect (but not exhaustive): 

  • Develop and promote an equitable framework for women playing baseball. 
  • Engage the baseball community and recruit more women participants and teams to take part in the new Women's Baseball League.
  • Develop new competitive strategies.
  • Promote Women's Baseball as part of the BBF digital marketing plan.
  • Establish responsive and innovative training opportunities (online and in-person).
  • Nationally to adopt and recognise women's baseball rules.
  • Recruit and train officials (umpires) for women's baseball. 
  • Expand our national and international partnerships with key stakeholders to assist in expanding our Women's Baseball League. 
  • Seek private and public donations for Women's Baseball. 
  • Progress and monitor the competitiveness of the league. 
  • Key Performance Indications (KPI's) to monitor and take the necessary corrective actions for success. 
  • And more. 

The spokesperson went on to say, "We are honoured too have both the Sheffield Bruins Baseball Club and Bristol Baseball Club join our new formed Women's League. To have the Sheffield Bruins Baseball Club women, under the direction of Ms Kelly Wright, join the BBF, offers us a member in the north. The Bruins, which were formed in 2018, have made great strides in a short timeframe. For example, in setting up seniors and now a women's team. Further, consider the Bruins mixed seniors team has seen a tremendous winning percentage in league play (79.2%). One of the most noted parts of the Bruins top seniors team has been the women who are part of the roster. The Bruin women have been a critical factor in the expansion of the club, from both from the administrative perspective, playing and recruitment element. Now to get the Bruin women to form a women's team and take part in our new BBF Women's League means we can expect a good baseline of good competitive women players in our league.

On a separate note, in addition to the Bruins, we now have the Bristol Baseball Club as part of our Women's League. Bristol is known as an innovative and successful programme in the Bristol community, which needs mention and great appreciation. Bristol has earned a good following of baseball players and the Bristol press as a result of Richard Evans. The Bristol Baseball Club development of women's baseball is relatively new, but already boasts recognition in setting up a women's team from the Bristol community. Molly Willcox, who is a club director and a member of the WB-UK organising group, said, "I am delighted to see us take this step. Bristol is one of the most progressive sports clubs in the country, and we all look forward to developing the best women's team in the country."

As a result of COVID-19 and delay at the start of the season, we can expect some delay in 2020, in getting our face-to-face activities started for our new Women's League. However, behind the scenes, BBF plans are well underway to plan, to implement and deliver a successful Women's League to the British Baseball community. 

For more information to be a part of the BBF Women's League, please contact Mrs Amanda Hocking by e-mail [email protected] 


The British Baseball Federation Women's Baseball Mission 

"To empower and promote women so they can experience and enjoy equitable baseball opportunities to reach their potential both nationally and internationally."


Roadmap ahead


Great Britain Baseball (GB Baseball) 

With the announcement (30th May) of setting up a Great Britain Baseball (GB Baseball) National Team, the British Baseball Federation will implement a roadmap over four years and strategies to make the team a success. 

A spokesperson for the British Baseball Federation (BBF) said, "Through our roadmap, we look forward to the recruitment of British players to take part in our Women's National Team. Further, we are committed to a roadmap which will create a high velocity Women's Team and bring it great success. Our roadmap and strategies are made up of thematic items e.g., timelines, objectives and goals, designed to build a team, and positive impact for women to inspire to play baseball at the highest level. We realise to start and develop a successful National Women's Team will require continuous improvement strategies. Our commitment to our GB Baseball Women's team is integration (culture, principles) into our successful GB Baseball Programme (ranked 31 in the world), while delivering velocity results. We have a number of experienced and skilled persons behind the scenes which we intend to leverage to enable the Women's Team to compete and succeed on the international stage over our four year roadmap. However, we look forward for everyones support as we move to a historic six Great Britain Baseball National Teams e.g., New Women's Team, U12 Team, U15 Team, U18 Team, U23 Team and Seniors Team." 

The new GB Baseball Women's Team roadmap is organised by the BBF, National Team Programme Official (Jason Pearce e-mail [email protected]) and Team Manager (Amanda Hocking e-mail [email protected]) : 

But not exhaustive


  • Awareness and communications campaign about the GB Baseball Women's Team e.g., webinars, website content, communications, social media
  • Integration into GB Baseball National Team Programme
  • Connect and recruit prospective eligible team participants 
  • Set-up date(s) for 2021 tryouts, training and identify playing opportunities
  • Source public funding and private donations
  • Secure baseball equipment for the team 


  • Awareness and communications campaign about the GB Baseball Women's Team e.g., webinars, website content, communications, social media
  • Connect and recruit prospective eligible team participants
  • GB Baseball Women's training, playing opportunities and schedule released
  • GB Baseball Women's Team Tryouts
  • GB Baseball Training dates set
  • GB Baseball Women's new uniforms and hats design released
  • GB Baseball Women's player selection announced 

Note: As a result of COVID-19, all face-to-face activities have been postponed. As a result of the delay our GB Baseball Women's roadmap implementation will be delayed. Thus for details regarding 2023 - 2024 will follow, once we resume activities and can confirm future dates and plans. Stay tuned. 


HISTORIC first-ever GB Baseball Woman Manager - Amanda Hocking

The British Baseball Federation (BBF) proudly announces the appointment of its first-ever Great Britain Baseball (GB Baseball) National Team Manager, Mrs Amanda "Doris" Hocking. 

Amanda will report to Jason Pearce the head of GB Baseball National Team Programme Official.  

A spokesperson for the BBF said, "Today's historic announcement of a new GB Baseball Women's Team and appointment of a woman manager, directly amplifies women's impact on the success of our sport. Moreover, we can say with certainty, we appointed Amanda, not because she is a woman, but because she is the most capable and skilled person for the job. Moreover, she demonstrates excellent leadership qualities (integrity, vision, positivity, and accountability). You can expect a lot from Amanda as she shares great personal values and dedication to make our Great Britain Women's National Team success." 

The spokesperson, for the BBF, went on to say, "Throughout the BBF there are a lot of skilled women in positions of authority, e.g., directors, trustees, head coaches, players and managers of their clubs and teams. With the appointment of a woman manager to our GB Baseball Women's Team demonstrates how much women make up our sport and their skill warrants great recognition for their leadership. Our Women's Baseball Mission is to empower and promote women so they can experience and enjoy equitable baseball opportunities to reach their potential both nationally and internationally. Having Amanda managing our GB Women's Baseball team goes to our mission."

Amanda "Doris" Hocking Bio 

Proud of her Rhode Island family roots, Amanda discovered her love for baseball and the Boston Red Sox. At age eight years of age, Amanda proudly brought her baseball equipment to school and asked her teacher if the class could play baseball instead of rounders, the teacher approved her request and was allowed to lead the classroom alongside her. Little did she know 25 years later, she would become the first manager of the Great Britain Women's National Team. 

Amanda, who is commonly known by the name "Doris," started her baseball career as the first female player and a Committee member of the St Austell Claycutters (Now Cornish Claycutters). After leaving the Club at the end of the season, Amanda has been playing in France which has helped gain more experience and knowledge in developing women's baseball. After winning the Tomcat Baseball Club's Best Hitter Award in 2018, she was selected to play for the European team at the LG International Women's Baseball Tournament where she became the first Briton to represent the UK. Her efforts in developing the sport were recognised by WBAK - Women's Baseball Association Korea, who selected Amanda to open up the Tournament at the Opening Ceremony alongside Korean player Jung Hye Min.

Using her experiences as a baseball player, Amanda founded Women's Baseball UK in 2017, a nonprofit organisation that provides opportunities for girls and women to play, develop, coach, and lead in UK baseball. To help raise awareness for Clubs accommodating female players, Amanda proudly created the WB-UK Seal of Approval in hopes to form a more welcoming environment for everyone. By making small adjustments, this could lead to a positive and safe experience for all players across the UK. To help grow the sport further, Women's Baseball UK was incorporated under the British Baseball Federation umbrella on the 30th May 2020, securing a bright and confident future for baseball in the UK.





The promotion of Women's baseball becomes a dynamic element of the British Baseball Federation (BBF) the National Governing Body (NGB) of Baseball roadmap to enhance the sport of baseball.

Today, the BBF announces

a) WB-UK Women's Baseball UK as a full member of the British Baseball Federation. In association with WB-UK Women's Baseball UK, the BBF will organise women's baseball leagues, training and other playing opportunities.

b) The formation of a Great Britain Baseball National Women's Team, which will go with our U12, U15, U18, U23 and Seniors' team.

A spokesperson for the board of the British Baseball Federation, said, "To succeed in promoting the sport of baseball, we need a strategic professional approach to develop critical elements of our sport. Promoting women's baseball is a crucial element for the success of our sport evolution at the local and international level. In association with WB-UK Women's Baseball UK, we will extend an equitable framework to women, e.g., playing opportunities, knowledge, and support. With WB-UK Women's Baseball UK being a part of the BBF, it sends a strong message that it adheres to highest and national standards as prescribed by the NGB of our sport. The BBF plans to source private donations and public funding to finance women's baseball opportunities. We are proud to announce we have already secured an individual donation to promote women's baseball.

The spokesperson for the BBF went on to say, "Today, the 30th May the National Women's in Baseball Day, we are glad to announce Mrs Amanda Hocking has been appointed as the manager of the Great Britain Baseball Women's National Team (GB Baseball). Amanda will report to the head of our National Team Programme for all National Team (GB Baseball) matters. Separately, Amanda will work with the BBF Seniors Commissioner to set-up a BBF women's baseball league.

Amanda has experience both nationally and internationally in developing women's baseball. So, having her be the BBF representative to expand women's baseball allows us to leverage her dedication, commitment and skills to make women's baseball success."

Amanda Hocking said, "I am delighted and honoured to have been appointed as the Women's Baseball representative for the British Baseball Federation (BBF), and I am looking forward to the challenge in moving women's baseball further ahead in the UK. By incorporating Women's Baseball UK (WB-UK) under the BBF umbrella as the UK's official representative for women's baseball, we can work closely together and provide greater opportunities for the players which have always been my number one priority since forming WB-UK in 2017.

Amanda further went on to say, "For any baseball player, the ultimate achievement is to represent their country, and I welcome the announcement of a Women's National Team. I see the role of the GB National Board as one which ensures that our players are provided with the level of support they need so that both the men's and the women's teams can be equally successful. With the upcoming developments in Women's baseball across Europe in the past 18 months, Great Britain must be featured alongside other countries who are also proudly setting a great example in baseball by investing in Women's National Teams."

The BBF will continue to come out with new strategic initiatives to promote the sport of baseball as part of its objectives to evolve the sport of baseball. More to come.


The British Baseball Federation (BBF) is the National Governing Body (NGB) of the sport of baseball. The BBF is the sole administrator and custodian of our Great Britain Baseball National Team Programme (GB Baseball). The BBF is a 100% self-funded NGB. The British Baseball Federation (BBF) is committed to providing equality, fairness and respect for all. Being a part of the BBF is available to all, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race (nationality, and ethnic or national origin), religion or belief, sex (gender) or sexual orientation. For more information, refer  e-mail [email protected] 


As a result of government guidelines and COVID-19, the BBF face to face activities are suspended until the 1st July 2020. Subject to change.


Women's Baseball UK (WB-UK) activities postponed until July 2020.

We recognise that this is a difficult time for all those who, like us, love the game of baseball. Everyone here at WB-UK wishes you the best of health during this period of uncertainty.  Throughout this period, we have taken Government guidance with the priority being the health and well being of all. The players and the baseball community, will always remain our prime concern. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, all events up until July will be cancelled with immediate effect as of 24th March 2020.

We will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and communications from world medical associations and the government. Expect further updates from us on the coronavirus impact for the WB-UK Championship that is scheduled in July.


Please follow the Government's new guidance. This will saves lives and protect our incredible NHS and NHS staff from unnecessary pressure. We would like to thank all key workers, who are working through this difficult time.

Women's Baseball UK

Women in Baseball Week 2020

We are excited to announce that the London Mets Baseball and Softball Club will be hosting the second WB-UK Women in Baseball Week Championship!

This year, we are pleased to include clinics as part of the event which is open to all female players of any ability and skill who are above 14 years of age. More details to follow soon!

If you would like to sponsor this special event please get in touch!

If you would like to learn more information for WIBW please visit the International Women's Baseball Centre's WIBW website.

Ayami Sato’s To Visit France

Ayami Sato is without a doubt, the best of the best when it comes to female baseball players. The Triple MVP of the women's baseball world cup WBSC Ayami Sato and the coach of Japan's National Women's baseball team will be part of the coaching course alongside the coaches of the women's Équipe de France de Baseball.

This is a great opportunity for women in baseball in Europe.

Are you 15 years old or older, licensed at the French Baseball Federation and loves women's baseball? Sign up for the women's baseball course organised by the federation from 8th to 11th February 2020 at Montigny Baseball/Softball-Cougars!