Looking to recruit female players?

We are often asked how to attract more female players into a team. To our knowledge, there are up to 150 female baseball players in UK leagues. These numbers will continue to grow year by year as more clubs are encouraging female players to play and more youth programs are becoming available.

Within this section, you can find advice and tips on helping you recruit more girls and women into your club.

Contact Local Clubs

Invite local teams, such as women's football, softball and hockey teams to an open day or challenge them to a fun/charity game where they can represent their club. It may get those who have never considered playing before, interested in baseball.

This would also be in aid of a good cause and create great publicity for the club.

Youth Clubs

Creating a youth team will not only encourage girls but also boys for the next generation of baseball players for your club.

Current adult players can benefit too by using this opportunity to develop on their coaching skills. We believe that youth clubs are a vital key for the growth of the sport within the UK.

Summer Programs

Organise a summer program in the school holidays with a championship game to end on a high. Try and involve the parents as much as you can!

Summer programs are a great stepping stone for clubs who are considering started a youth club.


Visit local Primary and Secondary schools with a presentation/show and tell.

If possible, try and organise a quick fun baseball or tee-ball game afterwards. This will help spark an interest for the game at an early age.

Remember to keep it simple and fun!

University Teams

Get in touch with Universities nearby as they may have a baseball or softball team. If not, there are many international students who may already have baseball experience who could be interested.

Invite students to an open day or invite a sports team with no baseball experience to play against your club for a friendly game. This is a great way to welcome new members to the club.

Become a WB-UK Approved Club

As more and more women are becoming interested in baseball, clubs need to ensure that they meet any female requirements, such as, installing sanitary appliances and arranging suitable changing facilities when only one changing room is available.

For more information on achieving the WB-UK Women's Baseball UK Seal of Approval for your club, click on the link below.

WB-UK Seal of Approval