WB-UK Women's Baseball UK

Seal of Approval

It can be difficult and frustrating for female players attending a game/training sessions where there are no designated female changing facilities available, whether it is a Home game or an Away game. Female players who need to change or use the toilet have been known to wait for an entire group of males to change, before and after a game, for long periods of time.

We have been informed that players have been arriving at games in uniform and going home in their dirty uniform to avoid this situation. Female players have also accidently walked into changing rooms whilst men are still changing, which is unacceptable. Changes need to be made to prevent this from happening.

We have created the WB-UK Women's Baseball UK Seal of Approval to raise awareness for clubs who help prevent these situations and make the experience for female players more welcoming.

For your club to a be recognised and awarded the Seal of Approval, the following must be discussed within the team and must be included in the Club's minutes as evidence:

  • If there is only one changing room on site, hold a discussion with your team regarding the most convenient way for the opposite sex to change without being imposed on. This is also to protect the interest of BOTH genders.
  • If your team has a small number of female players, discuss if it would be quicker to allow females to change first.
  • Consider creating gender specific signage for the facilities to respect privacy.
  • Sanitary disposal bins in toilets must be available.
  • Discuss in private with female members, if there are any adjustments that could be made to improve their needs.
  • When applying for any future grants to improve club facilities, please consider including improvements to the changing room/toilet facilities to accommodate female and disabled players.